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An Indian Masterpiece!

Born in Maharashtra, Maqbool Fida Husain (1915 - 2011) started with his career as an artist in Mumbai in 1937. He learnt the art all by himself, a self-trained Artist!

We will know more about him later in this blog. Let us first start with the Observation of The Lady with a Blue tiger.

- The Lady is lying down, perhaps in the middle of a dense forest resting her head against a tree.

- She appears to me as a tribal woman with her typical tribal attire, a white necklace, pitch black hair untied. Also a bracelet can be observed on her right hand. Both the ornaments seem to be worn by tribal folks.

- Her eyes are closed, as if she is deeply immersed in the pool of thoughts and trying to transfer them onto the leaf with a Feather pen in her right hand, totally unaware of the Tiger's presence. May be she is aware of his presence and has no fear, as it would be just another day with the wild beast passing by, being a part of the jungle!

- The leaf appears like a Palette of the Painter.

- The tiger is probably roaring, jaws dropped, canine teeth clearly visible, ready to rip apart the flesh from the body, but the lady hardly pays attention to the Tiger.

The dark circular patch behind the Tiger could be a dark cave, a resting place for the Tiger.

- The bluish tone in the entire painting suggests that the moon light is kissing every object on the way and the Tiger is not an exception!

Also the blue color symbolizes calmness or stillness (just like the Lady with the closed eyes), which one can observe during the night time, yet juxtaposed with the wild and unstable creature, the Tiger, and the balance between both of these opposite energies is beautifully depicted in this piece of Art.

- The Tiger is out, probably hunting. Could the Lady be his next prey?

M.F. Hussain, a big name in the world of Arts in India. His obsession with Horses is well known in his work.

He is also known as the Picasso of India because of the emphasis given to shapes in his work.

Awarded several times with highest civilian honor in his lifetime, surely measures and justifies his contribution to the world of Arts all over the world!

More Observations on his work will be shared in upcoming blogs...

Stay tuned!

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